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Monday, November 7, 2016


Welcome Remarks on the occasion of the Philippine Women Missionary Society Assembly at the Bacolod Evangelical Church, by Judge Ray Alan T. Drilon, Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, BEC.

Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful occasion, which is the gathering of empowered Christian women, who are in the forefront of advancing the cause of Christ in our part of the world. I feel a little bit uncomfortable because I am surrounded by women in this assembly and only a handful of men are around to lend me help, if ever I make a mistake.

As we know, women played a prominent role in the earthly life and mission of our Lord.

The Gospel records that some of the closest followers of our Lord were women.(Matthew 27:55-56; Luke 23:49,55) Women followed Jesus as He traveled about and the Scripture is very clear on the support of women in the work of Christ and His disciples.

In the Jewish culture of the day which looked down upon women, it was a woman named Mary who received the special honor of being commended by the Lord because she sat at His feet listening to Him. 

Having said this, as  a preface, I would like to greet all the women delegates and participants in this assembly coming from different churches whose desire is to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and emulate the women who were with Him during His earthly ministry and salvific mission.

In the Old Testament we see the likes of Miriam Aaron’s daughter, Deborah the Judge and military leader, Hildah the Prophetess, Dorcas, the female disciple, Prescilla a worker with Paul . Add to this list Ruth, Naomi, and EstherThese are women who made their mark in a society and culture were women were regarded as inferior.

At no time in the history of the world has women been empowered like the present age. We have seen two women presidents in our country. We have seen strong willed and astute heads of states like Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir. Women indeed have made their mark in the progress of civilization.  

I believe that the Christian women of today exemplifies the way of life which God requires of His people, by their faith, sacrifice, modesty, purity, courage, inner strength, humility and graciousness.

 In most Christian Churches, I say with caution, that women far outnumber the men in the virtues of faithfulness, obedience, fear of the Lord, submission, love of God, service and sacrifice.

It is a privilege to welcome all of you and may the Lord continue to inspire you as we await the day of His coming.

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